Zarco: “I must be happy, not disappointed”

“I must be happy,” smiles the Frenchman. “To be disappointed to miss the win would be the wrong way to see the race. As I said yesterday I had the elements to be able to believe in the win and I took it. The start was bad but then I was feeling good and took the lead. I felt Marquez was under control, he was much faster and when I was leading I couldn’t go away – I could feel him there, waiting. He overtook me once and I didn’t want to let him go. I tried again and he let me go in front because he had another job to do. When he overtook me again and wanted to go faster, he almost crashed so I saw another chance to win the race – but if he was losing the front and I was feeling the limit, I said ‘just keep concentration and wait for someone to attack you, save the energy to fight’. And that was a good strategy in the end because I was leading.”