Viñales: “I feel more potential on the 2017 M1”

“It was the same bike as the weekend,” explained Viñales, after topping the timesheets on Day 1 at the Valencia test following a very tough weekend and straighaway answering the question on everyone’s lips. “I felt much better – pushing the bike and from the first lap in the morning I felt great. During the whole day, even with 27 laps on the tyre, I could do low 31s. So we enjoyed today a lot, after a disaster weekend I was enjoying riding again. I felt strong again. We tried some things, with positives and negatives, but the laptime was there all the time. I think we did a good job, riding with the race setup and a full tank, and we worked quite good on that area. Then we did the time attack and I felt great. Nothing was different – one click in the suspension, the whole day like that.”