Toba talks about tough 2017

KT: “I had no idea how to manage the mental side so my crew chief and the team staff all helped and supported me, which is how we could come through this tough season. I always tried to keep my confidence up, remembering the thrill of riding the bike for the first time and stay positive. But even so, sometimes I couldn’t manage by myself, and I felt down. During those times, my team encouraged me to get back to a positive mindset. For example, when I went to a track that I had raced in CEV or the Rookies Cup, and my lap times and results were worse than last year, I almost lost confidence. But looking at the data, there was always something positive, which was good to get my confidence back. And it also gave me the opportunity to learn where I had to improve. It was a very tough season for me because I didn’t get any decent results, but at the same time, I believe that I will be stronger when I overcome these issues. I also learnt how to manage myself. So, I firmly believe this year’s experiences were an excellent opportunity to make me stronger.”