RATING THE RIDERS: ROUND 4 – SPAIN (Jerez)MM93 – 10: “Cause i…


MM93 – 10: “Cause i stay winning, Lay them up like: Swish Swish, Bish

VR46 – 6: Bring Uccio back. Valentino needs to punch his nerves and frustration onto something that is not Lin Jarvis.

AD04 – 7: You get a slap on the hand the next time you complain about having to pass other riders. That’s racing Andrea, not kindergarten.

AI29 – 7: Who kisses better Andrea ? Belen or Michelin ?

JZ5 – 8: You better hope KTM will sort their bike because otherwise, what a waste of a talent!

DP26 – 8: Titanium Man was lit !!!

MV25 – 5: Maverick’s renewed confidence has now melting back like ice cream on a sunny day.

JL99 – 8: That’s my boy right there! Next time out Jorge, more of the agressive/impossible to pass thing and less of the crash stuff.

BS38 – 3: Losing your ride and getting beaten by the test rider on the same weekend, that’s a bit much, even for your Bradley.