Marquez: “Dovi was an incredible opponent”

“I think you have good highlights of the race,” were the first words of the grinning, newly-crowned World Champion, before he explained his race. “It was difficult to control. The easiest strategy was just to finish the race but it was hard to control myself. I let Zarco past because I knew he would try to push. Behind him I was able to be faster, and I was too comfortable, losing concentration and making some small mistakes…when he made a mistake, I overtook but he was aggressive. When I made that mistake at the final corner I was scared because I thought he was close and tried to brake late to avoid a critical moment, but then I created my own critical moment! But I stayed on the bike and said ‘time to finish the race’, then Lorenzo and Dovi made mistakes, and I was disappointed that Dovi isn’t here because he had an amazing season. Then I wanted to push and catch them again but I was missing gears and everything – so I just finished the race.”