Kallio: “I would’ve liked to be top ten”

Mika Kallio, P11: “I think we can be satisfied with that! Of course I would’ve liked to be top ten but Pol got me towards the end of the race and I couldn’t quite follow him, but this is still great for our garage and KTM MotoGP team. Remember, this is still only the third race for me this year. I had the fast guys at the front in view at the halfway point of the race and the gap to the leaders was only seven seconds at that point; my lap times were comparable too to those guys so we are very happy to have this pace. We still need to find better rear tyre life for the second half of the race, but hey, if you can see the faces of the team in the garage and all the guys around me it’s brilliant. They’ve done such a great job this weekend with no mistakes so just like Austria, they’ve repeated that as we were 19 seconds back from first place then, and today we did the same.”