Remember last year in Australia when he comforted the mechanic after the pit stop fiasco. So sweet and wholesome. 


Romain Grosjean: some well deserved appreciation

People like to make jokes about him, but never truly appreciate this wholesome piece of French cuteness. So here is a post to change that:

1. His facial expressions are the best, and him and the team like to joke around:

Someone get him the right candy please!

2. He is a perfect model for shampoo commercials

Yes he looks like a serial killer, but I mean- you gotta admit it’s a look

3. As mentioned in the Kevin appreciation post, Kevin and Romain are and adorable pair of teammates

And come on, those smizes are on point!

4. Gotta appreciation awkward young Romain pics

He looks adorable though, and it seems like he has always been his smiley self

5. He is a real family man

A beautiful wife and 3 kids – and he is so proud of all!

6. He recently got a cat and we are often blessed with selfies like these

The cat is called Petrus and he is one lucky animal

7. He seems to get along with pretty much any driver

Even after crashing on track, him and George had a great time flying home

8. His helmet designs are incredible

I mean – iconic

9. His hobbies include playing with model trains and making model cars

The car he made in Japan arrived home safely guys!

Feel free to add more to this! This wholesome dad needs some love!

Since it’s the off-season, I’ll have more than enough time to make more of these – so let me know which driver to feature!